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This is an annual computer programming olympiad held at Dublin City University (DCU). The goals of the competition are:

The competition is open to all second-level students in Ireland who are under 20 on the 1st of July.

It consists of two rounds; round one can be done at home or at school, and is used to determine entry to the final round which will be held in the School of Computing at DCU. For details on entry go to the How To Enter section.

If you would like to keep up-to-date with AIPO 2016 competition schedule, please subcribe to our mailing list here:

Gary Conway and Ximo Planells  [Competition Organisers]


AIPO 2016 Schedule Released!

IOI 2016 LogoHi Everyone,

We are pleased to announce the roadmap for next year's AIPO competition and on to the 2016 IOI in Kazan, Russia.

Some changes will take place in the 2016 competition. Firstly, separate problems for Juniors and Seniors at the National Finals will be merged with competitors allowed to solve any of the problems. However correct solutions to easier problems will not collect as many points as solutions to the harder problems. Prizegiving will still be split between Juniors (<15yrs) and Seniors (>=15yrs) with medals and prizes for the best placed in each.

Again the top 8 senior students will be invited to AIPO-IOI training camp at DCU in late June after the LC. Here the 4 members of the Irish team who will travel to IOI will be selected.

The Irish team will brought back into DCU for more training just before we depart to the IOI to sharpen their problem solving skills and get them into the correct frame of mind for the challenges of the IOI.

In 2016 for the first time, the Irish delegation will depart early for Russia so that the team can enjoy the cultural highlights of Moscow, get to know each other and other early arrival teams before they plunge into the intense IOI week in Kazan.


Here is the full schedule:

  • Jan 4th: Release of Preliminary Round Problems (Online)
  • Feb 20th: AIPO National Finals @ DCU
  • Feb > Jun: Online training of Training Camp Team
  • Jun 23-25th: 1st AIPO-IOI Training Camp @ DCU (8 Students - Team Ireland Selection)
  • Aug 6-8th: 2nd AIPO-IOI Training Camp @ DCU (4 Students - Team Ireland) ** NEW **
  • Aug 9-11th: Early departure for IOI - Cultural tour of Moscow. ** NEW **
  • Aug 12th-19th: IOI 2016 @ Kazan, Russia.

Team Ireland Unlucky at IOI 2015

Team Ireland at  IOI Opening CeremonyTeam Ireland were unfortunate not to get a medal at this year's prestigious International Olympiad in Informatics (IOI). The four teenagers from around Ireland had an emotional week in the beautiful city of Almaty, Kazakhstan, but a week that they will never forget, thanks to DCU and Fidelity Investments.

With two competition days during the week, each member of the team had to solve three difficult algorithmic programming problems each day in the contest hall at the Al-Fabarbi National University. Competing against 300 of the brightest young programming minds from around the world, Ireland were unfortunate not to bring home a Bronze medal. National AIPO winner, Áron Hoffmann, missing out on a medal due to some simple logic and bug errors in his code.