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Croatian Open Competition in Informatics

By gconway - Posted on 19 October 2012


The Croatian Informatics Olympiad Committee run a series of online competitions in preparation for their national competition in March. The competition is open to anyone and is hosted on their live contest system. The first competition kicks off tomorrow at 3pm irish time, will be three hours long and will feature six tasks. The tasks will be of widely varying difficulty.

More details are available here:

This online competition would be ideal practice for the AIPO competition and making the irish team for IOI2013 in Brisbane, Australia.

The competiton dates are:

  • 20th October 2012
  • 10th Novembe 2012
  • 15th December 2012
  • 19th January 2013
  • 16th February 2013
  • 9th March 2013

You may use Pascal, C/C++ or Java as your programming language of choice. 

The two relevant websites are:  - information about the contest  - contest system