International Olympiad in Informatics 2013 Report - Richard Tynan

I was lucky enough again this year to be selected to represent Ireland at the International Olympiad for Informatics (IOI) 2013. This year the competition was being hosted by Australia, in Brisbane, Queensland.

Brisbane City
Brisbane City

Our team of three, myself, Maciej Goszczycki and Charlie Daly (our team leader) set off from Terminal 2 of Dublin Airport on the 2nd of July. What followed was roughly 30 hours of flights and airports. First to Heathrow, then to Dubai and finally to Brisbane. Needless to say, we were exhausted on arrival. I honestly didn't know what day it was by the end.

We spent a few days in Brisbane city centre getting over our jet lag. Then we were picked up on Sunday morning by an IOI bus, to take us to Univesity of Queensland, where the competition was being hosted this year. We got off at St. John's College to regisiter, where we met with our guide, Gayathri, and got allocated our accommodation. Charlie was staying with the other leaders at St. Leo's College, while Maciej and I were staying at Cromwell's College (ahem).

Team Ireland come close at IOI 2013

Team Ireland came close to grabbing a bronze medal at the 2013 International Olympiad in Informatics (IOI) competition this year, held at the beautiful University of Queensland in Brisbane, Australia.

Richard Tynan (IOI2012 Team Ireland) returned the IOI determined to score as many points as possible in this year's set of informatics problems. School-going contestants from 81 countries around the world had to solve 6 tasks over 2 days with each task scoring a maximum of 100 points for a perfecty optismised solution.

Richard had a good second day at the competition scoring 132 points from the three problems, almost as much as the great Johnny Ho (IOI2012 1st place) did on the second day with his 164 points.

Team Ireland selected for 2013 IOI

After 2 days of intense training at the AIPO-IOI training camp here in DCU, the final competition to select the team to represent Ireland at the International Olympiad in Informatics was held.

At the end of 5 hours of competiton covering three IOI grade tasks, Richard Tynan (Team Ireland IOI2012) emerging as the overall winner with an impressive score of 150 points. The race for the last place on the plane to Australia was more interesting with Richard's other team mates from the 2012 IOI battling it out between them. Abdullah Mohammad looked to have secured the spot with score of 80 points on the Network of Schools problem but young Maciej Goszczycki submitted a brute force solution to the difficult Rivers problem in the final hour which got him 40 points and brought his total score up to 90 points.

Richard and Maciej will now fly out to the IOI in Australia on Tuesday 2nd July for almost two weeks with our delegation leader, Charlie Daly. After a few days of acclimazation in Brisbane they will be straight back into competition mode with the practice session on Sunday the 7th and Day 1 of competition on Monday the 8th July.

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